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June 20, 2018

Join Zack and B as they start a Percy Jackson Read-a-long podcast. Each week they will talk about a chapter and break it down. If you want to send us listener mail we would love read it on air or want to give your thoughts on the chapter. You can email us at Radiocamph...

August 25, 2017

In this very spooktastic interview, Meg and Zack sit down and talk to the illustrator of horror Tim Jacobus! The guy that drew every cover for the original Goosebumps books. Thank you, Tim for spooking a whole generation! 

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August 24, 2017

It's time to carve those pumpkins and plan some murder as Meg and Zack talk all out Halloween Night! In this episode, we talk about Dennys, homecoming and the rap music! 

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August 17, 2017

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Halloween time is fast approaching. It is time to get those masks and what is better than a Goosebumps Mask? Hopefully, it is not haunted. Join Zack as he sits down with Christopher Zephro of Trick or Treat studios and to talk...

August 16, 2017

This week Zack, Meg and special guest host B become mumologists as they uncover the tomb of ancient Egypt! In this episode you will get thirsty, mummies and the gameboy! 

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Unfortunate Associates http://www.futurehorsepo...

August 4, 2017

In this weeks bonus episode, Zack talks about his weekend at Midsummer Scream! Where he met some spooky guest such as the Theme Park Duo, Kill by Kill and 91 Reasons as well as talk about panels such as Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Are you Afraid of the Park?...

July 25, 2017

This week Zack explains the spooky adventure to San Diego Comic Con to meet world famous children's horror author R.L. Stine. 

July 25, 2017

It is time to put on your 3D glasses and prepared to get wet as Zack takes you into the 4D movie that was R.L. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse. Starring Christopher Lloyd, Lea Tompson, Sara Paxton and Weird Al! In the early 2000's 4D attraction that was at Sea World. 

July 18, 2017

A picture is worth a thousand screams. Zack and Meg going through an old photo album and discover a world of photo's, car crashes and Vin Diesel as a cop.


May 12, 2017

In this episode, Meg and Zack read a book from down under. This week they read Body Parts by Margret Clark AKA Lee Striker. In it, you will find out about fun parks, fairy floss and zombie Confucius also Margret Clark if you are reading this please contact us! 

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