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A Series of Secret Script Events

June 21, 2016

     The hard part of adapting a book into a movie and or television series, is what can be kept in and events of the book will be kept out of the final product or left on the cold bitter chopping room floor. That was my fears when they announced A Series of Unfortunate Events as a Netflix series. Now with that being said I can safely say for the most part it is in safer hands. The reason being has been Daniel Handlers secret book club. Oh no I have spoiled the book club! The secret police surround my house as I type.  I will keep writing till I am dragged away from my keyboard. Preferably kicking and screaming! Daniel Handlers secret book club was a program well made by the author Daniel Handler. Who may or may or may not be Lemony Snicket though some reports may vary. Well this author wanted a way to show some of his favorite books to more than himself that he had read this year. On top of giving goodies to the upcoming Netflix series. Much like Wonka he only let a handful of pleasant faced children into the realm of woe.


      Though with each book drop more clues to the Series of Unfortunate Events, have been dropped. Though the process of leaked snippets of scripts that Handler most likely cut himself though the scripts have been brief moments of humorous dialogue. Many of these select few have been brave enough to post images of the script fragments. Though silence have resulted due to breaking the blood oath that had provided. It is a neat way of seeing the future of the series and what to expect though the lives of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire as they are caught in the webs of Count Loafs many traps and how they are to survive each plan dastardly then the last.  The fragments have been lovely complied by the Lemony Snicket fan site 667 Dark Avenue.  


       If you don’t want to get spoiled please shield your eyes children! In fear of getting your face melted off or turning into a pillar of salt! Well now that those people who are afraid of turning into great walls of sodium have left here are the script fragments. I have to give credit to all the people who have gotten these little treats because they have put my mind at ease of what is to come from the series.  The fragments have been a delight to read and puts the future in a gloomy hazy patch of light. Oh now they have broken through the doors the secret police!












 Credit to 667 for helping out compile this list. http://asoue.proboards.com/thread/34626/script-fragments-index-june-2016


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