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Frankenstein's Girlfriend Review

June 23, 2016


            Small books baaaad! Wanting the story longer goooooood! That was what I felt like when reading Frankenstein’s Girlfriend by Geoffrey Golden. I bought this book from the author himself when I want to Scare LA last year. Being lost in my huge pile of books I have to read list and finally after five months and the span of two hours. I read the whole novella from cover to cover. One of the common things occurred when reading a novella, I wanted more! This books was like a combination of my hobbies that seem to follow me everywhere I go. Such as, Universal classic monsters, cosplay and awkward dates. The story follows a workaholic 18-yearl old named Dana. Who like a lot of people who are awkward and their anxiety getting the best of her at every corner of life joins an online dating website. The difference though is that this one is devoted to horror movies. She suddenly starts dating a boy who is obsessed with classic horror movies and even dresses as monsters on his free day with a group of friends. It finally comes to Dana to choose between her normal mundane life or living the rest of her life in a high tower with lightning crackling and her son is named Igor.


          I really could not stop reading this book even if I tried just because all the characters are super relatable. Mr. Golden does a great job with creating really relatable characters from Dana to her boyfriend Frank. The book really delves into the who ideas of what it means to be an extreme fan of anything and when it gets to the point of affecting your regular life or is that fandom really now your regular life? Including the ideas of dating someone who is really the polar opposite but yet still finding love.  Another big theme of this book is poking fun at the whole cosplay community and how some people take it more serious than others do to the point of making a living off of it. These ideas are really well developed and anyone having these struggles or have had these issues and instantly relate with Dana and her monster madness that she is facing.


         The book is written in not a complex way that anyone can pick up and read. It is written in a way that this could easily be an hour long television special on Halloween somewhere in the world. The novella is infused with a lot of humor with every sentence. Some jokes are pop culture references, while most of the dialogue is humorous and would be someone of the Tumblr/social network age would talk about in an argument. Most of the time I was reading it I was chuckling to myself in the silence of my room almost like a mad man in a padded cell.  Though in time some of the reference and jokes will be lost in the ether of time. A lot of what is conveyed through these series of events of Dana will always be timeless and that is what I love about this book. You don’t have to be a horror movie expert to enjoy this book. It makes general knowledge even humors as well as making its own cannon of horror movies/ television that I personally would watch at least once.


       The best part about this book it is not even hard to find in the internet age. You can purchase it on Amazon for free if you are a Prime member and 10$ if you really want a physical copy of Frankenstein’s Girlfriend. Overall I think anyone who likes horror movies, has ever had an awkward date with anyone or knows that person who cosplay's a little more than just at conventions will really enjoy this novella. It is a super quick read and you can be done with it before you even enter Monster Con or any other horror movie convention. I give it 4 bats out of 5








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