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The Disaster Artist: Book Review

June 24, 2016

Hey, Ghoulies 


       Setting out to do reviews and doing comedy has been a passion for myself for a very long. One of my very first reviews that I did in the style of cinematic story telling was The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero and co-wrote by Tom Bissell. The book follows the adventures of Greg Sestreo as he finds himself in the filming of one of the worst movies every produced called The Room. It was a hot on a late June day. I had recently gotten back my copy of The Disaster Artist. My two closes friends and I had always been a fan of making fun of The Room and when I told them that a book was being written about what happened behind the scenes we all went primeval as if we were the fellows to discover the fire wheel! I mean fire and the wheel! That would be silly cavemen with wheels of fire. What is next! A complex system of hunters and gather's or systems of complex construction that was brought down though small pox! We had all read the book cover to cover and really wanted to make a Room style video.


       In the end I was only to get one friend to help me play the real star of the video as the leading man who helped write, produce, direct and act in The Disaster Artist: Book Review Tommy Wiseau! I also grabbed my moms old digital camera we used once and one quick trip to party city to buy a black wig and the camera's started rolling. We broke it down into a series of takes of scenes that mimicked the movie but in the context of what happened in the book. In the end we accomplished something at the time that I felt proud of doing because it was my first chance to do something cinematic and really taught me a lot about film making and writing reviews. Because though it is not the Citizen Kane of movies it still holds a special place in my heart. Though a fun fact the easiest scene to film though was Tommy’s death scene just because we spend a few hours actually planning on what we wanted. Heck we even story boarded some of it such as him throwing the books and humping the book. Though some people might think it was a cheap bash at the movie it was a thing of love and passion for a super terrible movie that brought my close group of friends together more than ever before.     





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