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Crucible of Horror Review

July 6, 2016


Visuals: Very bad color composition, hard to see sometimes and very unappealing to the eyes.


Sound: It was hard to hear and some parts the audio was leveled really bad to the point of clipping.


Special Effects: Hardly any and the parts they did looked very terrible.


Camera: Sometimes it worked while others it fell like a stack of bricks. Some shots for 1970’s were amazing such as some POV shots such as driving from the drivers left side door and the mother character  running down stairs and the camera from her point of view.


Story: This was what the heck did I just watch type of movie and it basically made no sense. The basic story is a British family who has a hard as nails father who loves his son but is extremely hard on his wife and daughter. So one day the mother is like “Hey let’s kill him” to the daughter Jane and they do they kill him or they think they do and almost half of the movie is them freaking out that they would be found out and honestly the most suspicious if the cops were to come if they found the body. This movie was trying to be a psychological horror or was the type kind of like “did it really happen or was it just a dark fantasy” of movie and the worst thing of all. 99% of the characters were completely pointless to the story and they served no purpose what so ever including there was no one that you could sympathize with and that is what made this a terrible movie.


Acting: The acting was okay. Not the best and not the absolute worst. The actor who


 really was the best in this film was Michael Gough who if you don’t know was Alfred in all of the Batman movies in the 90’s and he came off as an asshole but with kinda good reason if you look at it but still not the best role from him.


Verdict: Avoid this movie like the frickin plague it was awful, made no sense, looked bad, sounded even worse and not even Alfred could save this movie I would give it a 2/10

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